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While I greatly appreciate the support and your orders, please understand the following:

1. I am a legitimate LLC registered in the state of FL;
If you are unsure about doing business with me after doing some research on me, then please don't.

2. You (the customer) do not dictate the terms of my business;
I set the terms of my small business and if you don't like how I operate my business, you are welcome to find someone else to do it your way.

3. I don't work for free; please be payment-ready with advance payment in full. No Exceptions!
Every item I make costs money and time that I cannot get back if you decide to not pay after I have already created your custom item, therefore payment in full is required before any service is performed.

4. Local Pickup is in Coral Springs, FL - I do not deliver and will not meet you in other cities. (I do offer shipping.)

5. All Prices include custom design + setup fees;
Cancellation must be requested within 24 hours of payment & will only be cancelled if shirts/blanks have not been shipped out to me yet.
A $20 design fee will be deducted from all refunds (if granted).

6. Mockups are sent by request only;
Within 48 hours of payment usually. I will provide only 1 revision free of charge. Please be specific with your design ideas/expectations at the time you place your order so we minimize the revisions.

7. I will not deal with rude customers.
I'm a person behind this screen, if you don't know how to communicate nicely I will happily send you a refund before I make anything for you. Please act accordingly & be respectful - I will do the same.

8. If your payment went through, your order is being crafted & will ship when it's complete within a 5 business day window.
Please take this into consideration before placing your order, for faster shipping time I do offer expedited shipping options. There is no need to ask for a status, you'll receive an update with a tracking number when it is complete & ships within 5 business days. If it's been longer than that, please feel free to inquire... If you need it to ship out quicker than my standard 5 business days, please contact me before placing the order to assure I can make it happen.


Thank you so much for your continued support!
It's an honor to create these special custom items for you! 

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