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Choose dozens of any of these items, snacks will come wrapped in custom wraps - ready to serve or give to your guests.


Chips/Pretzels, Tic Tac's, Goldfish, Cheez Its, Pringles mini cans, Swirl lollipops, Candy bars/bags, Cookie bags mini, Rice Krispy Treats, Fruit Snacks, Bags (empty), Granola bars, Bubbles, Play-doh 2oz, Coloring books, Sticker sheets, 3D Gable boxes, Watercolor Paint cases


If you live in South FL and want to pick up your order, I can also do Water bottles, Gatorade, Capri Sun, etc

Custom Party Favors Bundles

  • Items are only sent out to you if they are of excellent quality, returns are not accepted. If you have a special circumastance please contact me.

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