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Choose dozens of any of these items, snacks will come wrapped in custom wraps - ready to serve or give to your guests. Items are per dozen. 

(LET ME KNOW YOUR SNACK OPTIONS IN THE NOTES & WHICH  STYLE DESIGN YOU WANT - Can also do a custom design with your own pics - email


Chips/Pretzels, Tic Tac's, Goldfish, Cheez Its, Pringles mini cans, Swirl lollipops, Candy bars/bags, Cookie bags mini, Rice Krispy Treats, Fruit Snacks, Bags (empty), Granola bars, Sticker sheets, 3D Gable boxes, etc


If you live in South FL and want to pick up your order, I can also do Water bottles, Gatorade, Capri Sun, etc


Custom Quince Favors Bundles for Quinceneara

  • Items are only sent out to you if they are of excellent quality, returns are not accepted. If you have a special circumastance please contact me.

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